The “Ideathon” (a hackathon for ideas – ideathon) is an opportunity to shape the future of international education in form of a digital in-person event.

It is open for everyone who believes that international education can make a difference in these challenging times.

AFS (American field service) is a volunteer driven organization born out of the crises from the world wars and founded by American volunteers who went to the battlefields of Europe to rescue wounded people. After the wars they asked themselves the questions how we - as humanity - can prevent wars from ever happen again. And the idea was just as easy as intriguing: Bringing the world together.

Now, more than 75 years later, AFS
is a Nongovernmental organization (NGO) with a groundbreaking international secondary school exchange as well as popular volunteer, and intercultural learning programs centred around  our mission to “create a more just and peaceful world through international education

We will be fostering creativity and exchanging ideas on the leading question:
“How can we fulfil the mission of AFS during the pandemic and the world after?”

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A more Just and peaceful world (14)

As we are a value and volunteer driven organization there will be no price in money, but our organizations around the globe will review all ideas and see how they can be implemented and work together with the teams who proposed them!

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Everyone who is motivated to make a difference in international education - please have a look at our terms of participation!


At the end of the Ideathon you will have to submit

  • A video explaining your idea with maximum 2 minutes duration
  • A one-pager according to our template and criteria

Additionally, you may submit

  • One document of your choice as a creative material


You are the judges!

You are the judges!

Judging Criteria

  • Sustainability
    Which additional impact does your idea have on a social, economical and environmental level?
  • Scalability
    Is it possible to transfer the idea to other areas of action and role out on a bigger scale?
  • Innovationpotential
    Which parts of your idea are new? What makes your solution a creative one?
  • Global Competence Development
    How much does the Idea support the development of global competence?
  • Social Value
    How does the project enrich our global community? Which groups would profit from it in which way?
  • Implementation
    What are the concrete next steps? Who do you need to talk to? Which resources do you need?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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